16 Jun

There are quite a number of feasts that Christians today celebrate. There are several bible verses that give different commands relating to how to keep such feats. As guided by the holy book, there is wrath from departing to keep such feast days as illustrated by what the Israelites did. Its acts as an indication or an illustration of worshipping Yahweh correctly and in divine faith. We tend to be the children of God and therefore should do as He demands from us. Since we are made in his own likeness, it means that we are highly meant to place much value on the things that are also valued by our heavenly Father. To have a close connection with Yahweh demands keeping such feast days due to the following reasons.

They Belong to God. The feast days of Yahweh are not Jewish or even Old Testament but belong to God himself. As stated in different bible verses such as Leviticus, Yahweh himself gave such feasts to the Israelites calling for them to observe them as holy. As recorded in that verse, Yahweh dictates that they are the feasts of the Lord, holy convocations and must be proclaimed at the appointed time. He even gave instructions on how they need to be observed with major significances if the different symbolic acts. Thus, the peole were to sanctify themselves since the Feast Days of Yahweh was holy.

Jesus kept them. Jesus, the only begotten son of God kept feast days of Yahweh. Although some take it as his observance due to his existence in the pre-new covenant, there are several instances that He challenged different Jewish traditions who failed to observe such feast days. Passover, feasts of tabernacles and others are among the ones that He observed. Since He teaches on how they should be followed and even give record of His following means that all Christians are bound to keep such holy days just as He did.
Teaching Yahweh’s plans. There is a rich meaning with feast days of Yahweh. There is redemption and Messiah coming from such holy days. They therefore act as yearly reminders of Gods gospel which Christians have received and He is inviting all to participate. There is the need to spend time with Yahweh on His days while as well learning about His acts on the world what we as Christians can reap from observing such feast day of Yahweh.

Proclaiming Yahweh to others. Keeping feast days of Yahweh lets everyone around the believers to know where their allegiance lies. Turning down an invitation that conflicts with such feast days for one to take off have great meaning. One can explain the reason behind such while clearly points out that Yahweh is number ones priority.
Yahweh tells us to. Definitely keeping Feast days of Yahweh is a command from Him. Since He is everyone’s God and not only to the Jews has it meant that His commands are meant for us all with the choice of following Him. There is such instruction of doing it in remembrance of God meaning that all feast days point to Christ. Therefore we are all entitled to observing feast days of Yahweh with regard to his word. In adition, such celebrations keeps christians closely connected to God.

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